Political Punks

Lisa Swoons Over Mike Rowe

October 27, 2015

In her recent Breitbart column, Lisa recaps the latest Political Podcast and shamelessly swoons over TV host Mike Rowe.  

[T]he common thread in both the New York Times and National Review explanations of what makes a “modern man” is both writers have strict, unwavering opinions about random things. So, when I saw that Mike Rowe also responded to the New York Times’ article, I spent half our show swooning over him. Rather than identifying as a “modern man,” Rowe identifies as a “man’s man.” That also makes him this woman’s ideal man.

Here’s his perfect response to whether a man should buy a woman shoes:

A Man’s Man would not buy shoes for his spouse, or be familiar with the vagaries of various female footwear brands. He might offer to pay for them, and he would definitely compliment her choice. And if he knows the size of her feet, it’s only because he rubs them from time to time.

Oh, Mike Rowe. You know just what to say to the girls.

Read the rest of the column here.