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PPP #22: Interview with Lucian Wintrich of #TwinksforTrump

PPP #22: Interview with Lucian Wintrich of #TwinksforTrump

September 21, 2016

This week we talk to Lucian Wintrich, who made news and angers the Left after the 2016 RNC when his "Twinks for Trump" photographs were on display at the LGBTrump party. Breitbart's Milo wrote:

Gays are no longer trapped under the thumb of the Democratic Party. And some of us are discovering how much fun it can be rubbing that in. That’s why I’m so amused by the Twinks for Trump movement,which has not only made topless men in MAGA hats cool, but also reflects a renaissance in gay culture driven by libertarianism, free speech fundamentalism and the joy and mischief of the online Trump movement.

Lucian, a brand strategist and digital creative, is currently raising money for a pro-Trump, pro-America gallery show in New York. Click here to learn more and to donate. Listen to the podcast for the scoop on all the fun stuff happening at the show. 


PPP #13: Interview with Gun Guru Phil Schreier

PPP #13: Interview with Gun Guru Phil Schreier

February 1, 2016
This week we talked to Phil Schreier, Senior Curator at the NRA National Firearms Museum.  Phil appears regularly on NRA News, American Rifleman television, the History Channel, A&E and a host of other cable shows with firearms related programming. He also has written dozens of articles on firearms and military-related themes for American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo, Wild West, Shooters Bible and numerous other titles.  

In this episode we talk about Phil's review of The Revenant, the great John Milius, among other topics.

In the photo above Phil is holding President Theodore Roosevelt's 1886 Winchester rifle.
PPP #7: Interview with Chuck Dixon, Comic Book Writer and Author

PPP #7: Interview with Chuck Dixon, Comic Book Writer and Author

December 11, 2015

In this episode, Brett and Lisa talk to Chuck Dixon about the future of comics and a little bit of politics.  Since Chuck is the co-creator of the Batman villain Bane, Lisa wastes no time asking him about a DC villain.

Chuck has more than 25 years of experience in the graphic novel field as an editor, writer and publisher. He has contributed well over a thousand scripts to publishers like DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Hyperion and others featuring a range of characters from Batman to the Simpsons. His comic book adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit continues to be an international bestseller. Considered to be one of the most prolific writers in his field, this award-winning storyteller currently writes G.I. Joe and A-team for IDW, The Good the Bad and the Ugly for Dynamite, The Simpsons for Bongo Comics along with many creator-owned projects for various publishers including Joe Frankenstein which re-unites him with Bane co-creator Graham Nolan. He is also the co-publisher of an ambitious line of graphic novels based on the American Civil War.

Democrats and War

Democrats and War

November 14, 2015

After the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, there is no doubt that tonight’s debate should focus on national security. However, Democrats know that is a losing issue for them because after identifying their enemies as the NRA, big banks, and Republicans, they have no credibility on addressing this issue.

Read the rest on Breitbart.com.

Graphic by Brett Smith
Lisa Swoons Over Mike Rowe

Lisa Swoons Over Mike Rowe

October 27, 2015

In her recent Breitbart column, Lisa recaps the latest Political Podcast and shamelessly swoons over TV host Mike Rowe.  

[T]he common thread in both the New York Times and National Review explanations of what makes a “modern man” is both writers have strict, unwavering opinions about random things. So, when I saw that Mike Rowe also responded to the New York Times’ article, I spent half our show swooning over him. Rather than identifying as a “modern man,” Rowe identifies as a “man’s man.” That also makes him this woman’s ideal man.

Here’s his perfect response to whether a man should buy a woman shoes:

A Man’s Man would not buy shoes for his spouse, or be familiar with the vagaries of various female footwear brands. He might offer to pay for them, and he would definitely compliment her choice. And if he knows the size of her feet, it’s only because he rubs them from time to time.

Oh, Mike Rowe. You know just what to say to the girls.

Read the rest of the column here.

PPP #4: Interview with Terry Schappert, Professional Badass

PPP #4: Interview with Terry Schappert, Professional Badass

October 2, 2015

maxresdefault.jpgFox News host Greg Gutfeld wrote, “There is only one person I listen to when it comes to war and the freedom it preserves and protects: Terry Schappert.”

Schappert is a regular on "Red Eye" and "Kennedy" on Fox News, as well as Discovery Channel's "Dude, You're Screwed."  He has an impressive military career as an Army Ranger, Green Beret, and in the U.S. Army Special Forces. He is also the author of A Guide to Improvised Weaponry: How to Protect Yourself with WHATEVER You've Got. 

We talk to him about politics, winning the War on Terror, pipe smoking and what you need to survive in the woods and in an urban environment.  Hint: You also need it for a pipe. 

Click here to read Lisa’s recent interview with him on Townhall.com.

PPP #3: The Movies That Define Each Generation

PPP #3: The Movies That Define Each Generation

September 30, 2015

In the latest episode of the Political Punks Podcast, Lisa and Brett talk about the movies that define the last four generations -- Silent, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials. 

Check out Lisa's recent column on the subject on Breitbart.com
Lisa’s Emmy Picks

Lisa’s Emmy Picks

September 21, 2015
Mad Men


Jon Hamm, “Mad Men” (I will throw out my TV if he doesn't end up with an Emmy for "Don Draper"

Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”

Will Forte, “The Last Man On Earth”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep”

“Dancing With The Stars” (I've never seen a full episode, but they seem to have a loyal fan base)

“Portlandia” (Proof that Hollywood can be better at spoofing the Left than we can)

Michael Kelly, “House Of Cards” (Better than Spacey, IMO)

Christina Hendricks, “Mad Men” (She's had better seasons, but I'm nostalgic)

Tony Hale, “Veep” (He retweeted me once and he's Buster!)

Julie Bowen, “Modern Family” (I don't have any strong feelings about anyone and Modern Family has to win something)

Matthew Weiner for Mad Men, “Person To Person” (See note about Hamm, same deal)

See all awards and nominees here.

Three ‘Feminist’ Characters Who Got Fairy Tale Endings

Three ‘Feminist’ Characters Who Got Fairy Tale Endings

August 24, 2015

My latest column at Breitbart highlights three 'feminist' characters who got fairy tale endings.  I'm not a fan of calling too much attention to the rantings of feminists.  Like car alarms, they go off so much that most people just ignore them. Feminists, aided by the media who prop them up, want women to have fewer choices when it comes to career and family. However, there's some hope on the culture side because time and time again, audiences don't want to see the strong female characters they like end up as lonely, bitter feminists.  From my column:

No one can define another’s person’s happiness, but it’s the feminist movement that promotes one version over another. For example, here’s a recent Washington Postheadline: “It turns out parenthood is worse than divorce, unemployment — even the death of a partner.” Yes, that’s just the headline.

So, let’s raise a glass to the “feminist” role models who got the happy endings their fellow sisters didn’t want them to have. 

See which 'feminist' role models I picked here

Weekend Movie: Brett’s Favorite Rom-Com

Weekend Movie: Brett’s Favorite Rom-Com

August 23, 2015

Murphy's Romance

Listen to what James Garner says about Murphy's Romance and acting.

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