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Henry Rollins Goes Soft

Henry Rollins Goes Soft

December 27, 2015

In a recent article on The Daily Beast, Henry Rollins talks about feeling the Bern, solar panels and other stuff that may make conservative and libertarian fans burn their Black Flag shirts.  The former punk frontman for several bands seems to be going soft in his middle age.  While Rollins has always been a liberal, his fawning over Bernie Sanders and President Obama are over the top.

These days Rollins’ pet causes include LGBT rights, and while he’s thrown his support behind Bernie Sanders he’s actually skeptical that America will ever feel the Bern.

“Oh, he’ll never get elected,” laughed Rollins. “I like him, because I think he’s a straight shooter. I love his progressive ideas about health care, election campaign reform, and foreign policy. I’ve always liked him because he’s honest to a fault. He’s a true statesman.”

“Obviously you can’t sell him to the Midwest or the South. But I just think he’s the best guy running. His concepts are way too radical for America in terms of health care and all that, but I don’t think any of his ideas are threatening. I don’t think any of them would be bad. I don’t think he wants the next war.”

Remember when punk rockers spoke out in opposition to the state and big government rather than in support of it?  Is Rollins so naive that he doesn't realize that supporting Sanders "progressive ideas" means more government in every Americans' lives?

Forget the sarcastic "God Save the Queen."  We now have Rollins talking about how cool the President is.  So not punk.  He told The Daily Beast, "I think [Obama]’s an amazing man and he’s got more cool than 10 James Bonds. I would have lost my dignity long ago, and he gets called a lot of names."

Punk is anti-establishment. Pro-individual freedom.  Punk is not fawning over politicians or crying over politicians being called names.  Punk is non-conformity.  It is not conforming with nearly everyone else in the entertainment industry.

My Political Punks cohost, Brett Smith, knows more about Henry Rollins than I do, so I sent him The Daily Beast article.  Here's what he said:

The thing about Hank is in his spoken word performances and in his music he is all about self-reliance. Weight-lifting, eating healthy, self-discipline are all about not relying on anyone else. He also publishes his own books through his own publisher, 2.13.61.  He has called all the shots over the years with his music as well.  He was always producing it himself and on his own terms. And yet he is a shill for Big Government. It makes no sense. It's not consistent with how he lives, what he preaches and especially not with his professed heroes like Ted Nugent.

Henry Rollins' personal story is the antithesis of Bernie Sanders' view of what America should be.  Rollins grew up with a single mom in Washington D.C. in the 60s.  He now lives in a California mansion thanks to his own efforts and success.  He's the embodiment of the American Dream.  Sanders and his big government policies want to kill that dream so that we all have the same boring, miserable life.

Is it time for Henry Rollins' punk credentials to be revoked?

Have We Become a Nation of PC Cowards?

Have We Become a Nation of PC Cowards?

December 6, 2015

On Thursday's The Five, Greg Gutfeld had a great monologue on embracing the tools needed to fight terrorism.  Following his monologue, the panel discussed "Islamophobia-phobia" -- the fear of being called Islamophobic or racist.  After the shooting in San Bernardino, a neighbor of one of the shooters came forward and said that he saw suspicious behavior, but didn't report it because he was afraid of being called racist.

Our first instinct was to blame the PC culture.  I understand the neighbor's fear given how the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) will immediately attack and retaliate against someone who sees something and says something.  See Juan Williams.  The one thing I can't wrap my head around is publicly coming forward and telling the world "I was afraid of being called a racist, so I didn't say something, then this happened."  I'd be too embarrassed by my cowardice and "fear" of being called a name to even think of going on TV.

Let's face it, if you're a conservative, you're going to be called a racist anyway.  Why not attempt to save lives and out terrorists in the mean time?  A few months ago I wrote about the rise of the beta males after two incidents in which the beta male mentality took over.  Maybe we need a Find-An-Alpha-Male app (don't abuse it, ladies).  If you're afraid to call in a tip, locate the closest American Alpha Male on the app so he can call in on your behalf.  He's been called worse in his life and is still willing to do the right thing.

Instead, we have men who are willing to go on national TV and admit that they fear words more than they value doing the right thing.  We need to be vigilant and remember that although the President insists we are not at war with Islam, the reality is Radical Islam is at war with us.  Calling the San Bernardino attack as workplace violence is as cowardly as not saying something for fear of being called names.

Terrorism doesn't just happen in Paris, New York and Washington D.C.  If it can happen in San Bernardino, it can happen anywhere.  We don't know if one call to local authorities would have stopped this from happening, but there's honor in trying.  We won't survive in a society that fears name-calling more than terrorism in its own neighborhood.

The Kronies!

The Kronies!

September 3, 2015

Here's a fantastic video we talk about in the next episode of Political Punks.


Three ‘Feminist’ Characters Who Got Fairy Tale Endings

Three ‘Feminist’ Characters Who Got Fairy Tale Endings

August 24, 2015

My latest column at Breitbart highlights three 'feminist' characters who got fairy tale endings.  I'm not a fan of calling too much attention to the rantings of feminists.  Like car alarms, they go off so much that most people just ignore them. Feminists, aided by the media who prop them up, want women to have fewer choices when it comes to career and family. However, there's some hope on the culture side because time and time again, audiences don't want to see the strong female characters they like end up as lonely, bitter feminists.  From my column:

No one can define another’s person’s happiness, but it’s the feminist movement that promotes one version over another. For example, here’s a recent Washington Postheadline: “It turns out parenthood is worse than divorce, unemployment — even the death of a partner.” Yes, that’s just the headline.

So, let’s raise a glass to the “feminist” role models who got the happy endings their fellow sisters didn’t want them to have. 

See which 'feminist' role models I picked here

Weekend Movie: Brett’s Favorite Rom-Com

Weekend Movie: Brett’s Favorite Rom-Com

August 23, 2015

Murphy's Romance

Listen to what James Garner says about Murphy's Romance and acting.
Meet the Political Punks

Meet the Political Punks

August 20, 2015

In February 2015, I wrote an article coining the phrase "political punks."  So, what is a political punk? 

They appreciate mainstream culture for the power of the parable in furthering a message of liberty. They also understand that unlike the perpetually outraged on both sides, Americans don’t view everything through politics. They are anti-authoritarian. They are punk. They go against the liberal culture scene and the conservative political scene. These punks are our best hope for engaging new audiences on the importance of liberty.


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